Songs for Lyric Analysis


Using a carefully selected song for lyric analysis can help provide the framework for a powerful music therapy intervention and serve as a catalyst for open dialogue between the clients and the therapist.*

As one who has a hard time paying attention to lyrics (resulting in the creation of many a mondegreen in the process…just ask my husband), listening for songs that could work for lyric analysis has been a challenge for me, as my mind consistently attends to JUST the music.

However, through focused-listening (and looking up lyrics on the computer), I have found a few songs — binders full, in fact — that have worked quite well in sessions.  I’m sure music therapists who are more seasoned than I have CABINETS full!

I wanted to share a playlist of the songs that I’ve used most recently:

Songs for Lyric Analysis 

If anyone wants to share one of their go-to songs for lyric analysis, please leave a comment below!

*FYI: This could probably go without being said, but before using a lyric analysis activity, the music therapist needs to know the clients with which they are using this song: their musical preferences, goals/objectives, culture, possible triggers related to the song being used, etc.  

I chose to not go in-depth with regards to specific lyric analysis techniques.  If you would like to learn more about what lyric analysis IS and view research on the use of lyric analysis, click on the link below:


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  1. Hello – I am unable to access your song list. Would you be willing to share?

    Thanks for all you do!!

    – Krista

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