5 reasons why YOU need to write an E-book

5 reasons why YOU need to write an E-book


Being in school for 9 years (read about the entire academic journey, here) made me super antsy to get out in the “real” world and start practicing my dream job. I had SO many plans, songs, and interventions inside of me and it was as though I couldn’t get them out fast enough.

Bursting with music therapy ideas is a good thing. Trying to funnel all of that energy and having zero clients in the beginning of my music therapy career was not as ideal.

This was all happening around the time when e-books were popping up everywhere on the internet scene, and I’m putting that down to the fact that more businesses and individuals are deciding to branch out into selling digital products (check here for more information) because of the current technological world that we live in. It was then that I quickly realized that THIS is how I could channel my ideas. An e-book was something I could do from home, on my computer. It would take time (hours, days, months), but once it was done, that was it. I was finished with it forever!

Several e-books later, I’m finding that not only am I using many of the ideas that I took the time to come up with and write down, but other music therapists are using them, too! With success!!

I’m now at the point where I want to hear from others. I want to be inspired by new and fresh ideas. I want to financially support other music therapists for their interventions, tips, and advice.

Therefore, I decided it was high-time to encourage my friends, co-workers, and collegues to write, create, and package their creative ideas (THE main reason how I came up with the idea for Musictherapyebooks.com).


1. People want to learn from you.

When I go to regional or national music therapy conferences, you know what sessions are the MOST crowded? The ones offering activity, app, and intervention ideas. Music therapists work so hard day in and day out – hearing other opinions and activities can be a complete breath of fresh air.

2. YOU (yes, you!) have ideas and knowledge to share with the world.

You are unique. You are special. NO ONE has taken the same music therapy path as you. Therefore, EVERYONE can learn something from you, whether it be professional or therapeutic wisdom. Share it with the world! WE WANT TO KNOW!

3. Music Therapists want to MEET you.

Writing an e-book was like sharing a bit of myself with the world. Working in a field like ours, we often find ourselves “alone”. We may work alongside other therapy professionals, but rarely are we in a work situation where we are surrounded by many music therapists. I’ve found that interacting and virtually meeting other MT professionals online can be incredible helpful. Why not introduce yourself to the online music therapy world through an e-book? Having a product online WILL allow you to meet others, interact with like-minded professionals, AND, you’ll more than likely make a few more friends that you can meet up with at conference!

4. Creating an e-book will spark your creativity and tap into the right-brained amazingness that you possess!

Being a music therapist requires creativity, flexibility, and being able to pull out a new session idea (or adapting a current one) in a second, when the current one isn’t working for that client’s particular needs. Funneling all of these ideas into one, tangible online file can be therapeutic. And, it can remind yourself that you ARE a rockin’ music therapist full of highly useful information and ideas.

5. You can add “published author” to your list of accomplishments!

An e-book becomes an extension of yourself and once you are finished, you feel like a proud parent. It’s a great feeling (and, to be honest, a little scary at first) to put yourself out there and have your product available to the world!! Have you written a book that you believe deserves a wider audience? Check out this Comprehensive guide to getting published to learn more.

What now?

Here’s a big, YOU CAN DO IT!

You’re getting encouragement and high-fives from me on this end!! Already have an e-book? Tell me about it in the comments below! Interested in creating an e-book? I’d love to talk with you! Michelle Erfurt and I will be providing creation/design/consultation services with our new website, MusicTherapyEbooks.com.

Good luck and happy creating!!!
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  • Heather Palmer

    I am very interested in learning more about creating an E-Book. I have developed several songs and interventions for children with autism that incorporate toys into the songs. My clients who have participated in these songs have increased their overall communication skills tremendously. I would love to hear more about creating an E-book with the resources. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Heather Palmer MSEd. MT-BC

    • Hello, Heather!! It makes my heart happy to hear that you’re interested in creating an e-book! It sounds as though you have the information, knowledge, and ideas to create one! Our website (musictherapyebooks.com) will be open on March 1st. Until then, please feel free to email Michelle, our mentor for MT ebook creation, via email (michelle AT musictherapyebooks.com). Thanks again!

  • Heather Palmer

    I am very interested in learning more about creating an E-book. I have developed several songs and interventions for individuals with Autism using songs paired with toys. Their communication skills have drastically increased since I started using the songs with them. I would love to hear more about creating an E-Book. I look forward to hearing from you.


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