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3 Thoughts on “Mama Bear Rachel

  1. Rachael – I’m glad you were able to escape undesired exposure (how many times have I been thankful for the same thing – answer: tons). Perception is reality to those too lazy to discern their own positions on any given subject, and the world is being overrun by lazy people – there’s a ton of ugly ones out there, too – I trust neither..but I digress. Anyone who saw your name connected with this lady’s article would assume you sold I-pods to nursing homes. Because that’s what I basically got from my careful skimming of every fourth or fifth word of the linked article. “We’re putting radios in people’s rooms which they can listen to in order to relax”.

  2. The nursing home residents also receive around-the-clock access to physical therapy tailored to fit their individual needs.

    And by that I mean: they each have a treadmill in their room, and they can adjust the speed as they see fit! It was designed by a PT, after all…

  3. In addition to being a music therapist, you are an educator. Your passion is contagious and in addition to your passion, your writing shows compassion, humor, and style. What’s not to like?
    Susan, another mama bear

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