MTSA is Growing Again!

MTSA is Growing Again!

I would like to introduce everyone to NATALIE, our newest therapist! I am so thrilled to have expanded the business enough to need yet another therapist on our team. Natalie is eager and ready to fill her schedule with sessions of all varieties. Submit your request for sessions soon to be added to her caseload! Natalie will serve primarily south and west Austin locations. Here is a little bit about Natalie:



After two years of learning how to teach music in a classroom setting, Natalie found her passion in using music to help others reach specialized goals. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Missouri State University in 2013, and then completed a Bachelor of Music Therapy at Drury University in December 2014. During her education to become a music therapist, she worked with young children and adolescents with developmental disabilities and teenagers in substance abuse recovery. She also conducted sessions with older adults seeking memory support and structured recreational time. Natalie completed her clinical internship at an inpatient psychiatric hospital, where she provided mental health support for adults ages 18 – 70+.
Natalie’s primary instrument is cello, and is proficient at piano, voice, and guitar. Her therapeutic style pulls from a variety of approaches, tailored to each person’s individual tastes and needs. She is passionate about creating meaningful interactions through music, and loves helping others work towards their personal goals.
Natalie Cello

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