KidGigawatt: The Podcast


It has been podcast-palooza around these parts!

It was a complete honor to have been interviewed by Kelley from “Joyriding in Autismland: Autism Podcast with Kid Gigawatt“.  Not only is she a wonderful mom of a child who is on the spectrum, she also does micro funding for therapies, which allows children to receive services and opportunities that help them succeed!

Want to listen to the interview on your way to work or while you drink a cup of joe?  Check out the link below!

Joyriding in AutismLand

Thanks again, Kelley, for having me on your podcast!



Podcast Interview

Rachel was recently interviewed by Scott Harmon, of the “Start a Private Practice” podcast.

 Listen HERE to hear the following:


  • * What is Music Therapy
  • How she markets her practice
  • Who to network with
  • What she uses to invoice clients
  • How a website should look
  • Other revenue streams that are not one on one treatment
  • How she set up her web page
  • The importance of having a picture or video of yourself on your webpage to make it personal
  • Setting up an open house at someone else’s business to promote your services
  • How she finds new clients
  • How she deals with insurance
  • What music Rachel is into