Apps, Apps, Apps

Apps, Apps, Apps

I’ve written about using the iPad in my music therapy sessions before (see the blog post HERE).  There are many reasons as to WHY and HOW the iPad can be used in sessions.  This post will focus on the WHAT.  What apps do I find most useful?


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Here is a quick list of 11 of my favorite apps to use in music therapy sessions:

1. Nylon Guitar (Example goal area: Pattern recognition and creation with a 3-chord song pattern)

2. Boogie Bopper (Example goal area: Fine Motor Skills // Finger Isolation)

3.  Bloom HD (Example goal area: relaxation)

4. Keyboard 2 (Example goal area: Letter recognition)

5. Laughter Therapy (Example goal area:  Breath and diaphragm exercises, as well as Impulse control — waiting to choose the laughter button in the song, “I Love to Laugh”)

6. Jelly Band (Example goal area:  Auditory Processing – having to listen to therapist list multi-step directions, such as, “Pick the monster that is green and has one eye””)

7. Story Creator (Example goal area:  Self-expression).  You can create songs, ADL steps, etc., in this FREE app.

8. VidRhythm (Example goal area: Impulse Control)

9. Barnyard Dance (Example goal area: Answering “wh” questions regarding the animals in the story: who, what, when, where)

10. Puppet Pals 2 (Example goal area: Story telling and sentence creation)

11. AutoRap (Example goal area: Self-expression)

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