Happy Holidays from MTSA { my gift to you: FREE songs }

Happy Holidays from MTSA { my gift to you: FREE songs }

Happy holidays to all of my readers, clients, family, and friends!  This month’s MTSA newsletter included a downloadable handout full of holiday songs to use in your sessions or at home.  If you missed out, don’t worry!  You can still check out the newsletter below.

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Ben Folds attends AMTA Conference
Atlanta, Georgia
Music Therapists across the nation were honored to have Ben Folds in attendance!  For more info, check out last month’s newsletter!


My music therapy conference experience
{Click the picture above for a larger view}

This mash-up of words, friends, and ideas gleaned from sessions, basically sums up my AMTA 2011 Conference experience!For more info about the conference, click the “learn more” link below!


Music Therapy Open House at VMA!
December 3rd, 2011

Click here for all of the details regarding our TWO FREE sessions!MTSA is extremely honored to be a part of the Velocity Music Academy!



Monthly Blog Post
Each month, I have the opportunity to write a guest blog post for the wonderful website, “Today I Ate a Rainbow”.  Check out this month’s post by clicking the link above! (Post available for viewing on Nov. 28th)
Guest Blog Post
The Independent Clinician is a fantastic resource for all therapists – MTs, OTs, SLPs, PTs, etc.!  I recently had the pleasure of writing a guest blog post for the site, which will be “live” on Tuesday, Nov. 29th.

The Power ofSocial Media

Thanks to Twitter, I had the opportunity to eat with Ben Folds while he was at the music therapy conference!  Just another reason why everyone should hop aboard the social media train! 🙂




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