2011: The Year of Music Therapy

2011: The Year of Music Therapy

It’s that time of the year when we reflect on the last 12 months of our lives…

…and I must say…

The year 2011 can be referred to as,

“The year music therapy was ALL OVER THE NEWS”


With movies, books, and celebrity promotors, music therapy has been hard to miss!
Here are just a few of the recent articles and videos
that have appeared in the last year:


Article: Music therapy eases patients’ pain, helps on road to recovery

Video: Facing Rehab: Exhaustion, Exhilaration and Love.

Article/Video: Music therapy eases patients’ pain, helps on road to recovery

Article: Initial stages of rehab keeping Giffords busy “Neurologic music is a therapy – often talked about for Giffords – that involves playing music for patients to help stimulate their brain. It also helps speech as patients mouth or sing the words of songs.”


Article: Music therapist enriches the lives of special-needs teens and adults

Article: Hospital Selected For Therapy Grant

Video/Article: Inside Giffords’ rehab: Hard work, hard questions

Video: A healing note: Music therapy


Book: (main character is a MT) Sing You Home debuts at #1 on the USA Today book list, and at #1 on the NYT print & e-book list!

Article/Video: Music Therapy Helps Gabrielle Giffords Find Her Voice After Tucson Shooting


Article: Educating communities about evidenced-based bene?ts of music therapy


Photos: Music Therapy and Occupational Therapy students travel to Guatemala for a service learning program at a local orphanage

Article: Don’t Write Off Dementia Patients (Wall Street Journal)


Article: What Is Music Therapy? (Huffington Post)

Blurb: Music Therapy Licensure Legislation Signed into Law


Article: Alan Cumming Tunes Into Music Therapy: The Scottish actor and voice behind Gutsy the Smurf helps cancer patients through music, advocacy.

Article: Music therapy moving toward licensure in state

Article: Relaxing, Touching the Memory, Music Helps With the Final Transition

Article: Music Therapy Helps Facilitate the Field’s First Licensure Law


Movie: Movie featuring a music therapist released on DVD: The music never stopped named 2011 official selection of the Sundance Film Festival

Article: Doctor, Can You Prescribe Me Some Mozart?

Article: Music Therapy May Aid Brain-Damaged Patients


Video: Music Therapy for Seniors


Article: Music Alters Autism Therapy

Article: Chemo, radiation, and song: Music therapy is gaining acceptance as a way to help cancer patients feel better

Video: Music therapy hitting right notes for patients

Article on the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Blog: Speech-Language Therapy and Music Therapy Collaboration


Article: Music therapy plays role in Giffords recovery

Video: Ben Folds saying a few words to music therapists at the national music therapy conference in Atlanta, Georgia

Article: Meet therapy team helping Giffords

Video/Article: Gabby Giffords: Finding Words Through Song

Video: Healing with Music Therapy

Article: Music therapy a big hit with patients at local hospital

Article/Audio/ Video: Down syndrome and music therapy

Video/Article: Music therapy can help retrain an injured brain


Article: Music therapy heals the ill and calms Soledad prison inmates in real, measurable ways.

Article: Music Therapy helps Mt. Evelyn woman dull pain

Radio: Music Therapy Featured on NPR’s Science Friday



Here’s to EVEN MORE music therapy news in 2012. If you’re looking for new ways to access music check out youtube to mp3 shark





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  • THANK YOU!!!! The old AMTA website used to have something like this but I haven’t been able to locate it on the new site. So needed this!

    • YAY! So glad you can use it! It was fun sorting through old tweets, blogs, and FB feeds to find these articles…I’m impressed with how many there were this year!! An exciting time to be a MT, for sure :).

  • Holy sha-zoli! This is AH-mazing that you’ve put this together! In fact, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for being an awesome resource, Rachel!

    • Love your enthusiasm, Kat! (And I now want to use the phrase ‘holy sha-zoli’ as often as I can!) :).

      SO glad you are able to use this and thanks so much for letting me know about the article from May that featured your amazing quotes!! Please let me know if you think of any others that should be included! Thanks!

  • Tracy Flanders, MT-BC

    Thank you so much for this compilation.

    • I’m so happy to do it – thanks for reading! It’s kind of nice to have a virtual “scrapbook” of articles to remind us of how great 2011 was for our field!

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