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Want to see music therapy in action?

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I recently saw this mini-documentary on music therapy and I thought it was beautifully done and represented the music therapy field so well that I just had to share it.

A big thank you to Ross Taylor, the person who took the time to learn about music therapy and represent it with his artistic, videography skills.

MUSIC THERAPY from Ross Taylor on Vimeo.

INSPIRE! Countdown: 10 days from #10

Thought you were done with countdowns now that the new year is here?  Well, I have one more to add to your list!  We’re only 10 days away from releasing the next issue of INSPIRE!, and appropriately enough, it happens to be Inspiration Kit #10!!

Ebook creation and packaging


In this month’s Inspiration Kit (sent out on January 14th), I have included the following:

1. 10 Activity ideas to use in your sessions with children

2. Three downloadable .pdfs full of ideas and activities, PLUS a huge BONUS .pdf, in addition to the actual kit.

3.  Lyric Analysis help: songs to use for particular subjects

4.  A video JUST for INSPIRE subscribers (with a song, lyrics, and what goals/objectives it addresses)

5. And, as always, ideas for your well-being, inner-techie, business, and your sessions.

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