Sing a Silly Song!

Sing a Silly Song!

Back in August, I discovered a great resource (and found out that many other music therapists had been using it, as well) when searching for songs about emotions, as many of my clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder are working on social goals, such as recognizing emotions.

The resource?  Spectrum Connections: Bounce!  A children’s show that airs on Sprout TV, uses music, and is hosted by a music therapist.

I discovered that the entire songbook used on the show was FREE and available on their website. (Want a copy? CLICK HERE!)

However, because the notation was not included (and I could not find any videos or .mp3 files), I had no idea how to sing the melody lines.  My solution?  I made it up!  And it worked beautifully :).  I still used the same lyrics and chords, but my improvised melody ended up being quite different from the actual one (I found this out after purchasing the video).

My favorite part is of the song is the actual “silly words” part…you can insert any made-up or real words (suggested by you or your client!).  You can also insert spelling words, words that have phonemes on which the child is working, etc.

A HUGE thank you to my client’s parents for giving me permission to use the video below!

Also, a big thank you to my client, who helped me “decorate” and edit the video!!

Here is the premier of the “adapted” Silly Song!  (The actual song is from minute 0:00 to 2:25…the second song is a *bonus*)

Sing a Silly Song! from Rachel See Smith on Vimeo.

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  • I love that he started in Columbia…….represent! hehe!
    Great video and resource…Thanks Rachel!

    Happy Harmonies!

    • Thanks for reading, Kristin! (And yes, I love it that you can appreciate the Columbia, MO, reference!!! ha!)

  • I love love love all that you’re doing, music and social media maven! Keep up the great work and the incredible creativity!

    • Thank you for the constant support and encouragement, Erin! You are the BEST.

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